Toilet paper history

Double, triple, soft, absorbent, colored, perhaps perfumed: Toilet paper is part of our everyday life and a necessary outlet for everyone. It is one of the most important inventions in the field of personal hygiene. But when did she first enter the bathroom and what was going on before it was invented?

Χαρτί υγείας Anil
Toilet paper Anil

Waldorf was a well-known toilet paper in America since the late 19th century. How famous can it be in Greece? In the 1960s, colored toilet paper was an unnecessary luxury for the average household. At that time the country was partially water-supplied and electrified. In the province often the toilet was just a separate shed outside the house. And there was no toilet paper, but pieces of newspaper passed through a cigarette.

Waldorf was the product of the American Scott Paper Company, the company that introduced the use of toilet paper. It was the first toilet paper to be released. It was healthy and soft. There was no relation to the sheets of toilet paper made from pulpit papers that were hard, barely absorbent.

Χαρτί Υγείας Anil
Toilet paper Anil
The first to take on paper for their personal hygiene was the Chinese. In China they produced sheets of toilet paper, gently and flavored, but only for the imperial needs. Generally, the Chinese used paper. Some used manuscripts. A text of the 6th century, in which a Chinese scholar and official of the imperial courtyard writes: “Papers written on them are quotations and comments from the five classical books or names of wise men, I do not dare to use them as a health paper.”
Toilet paper is due to Scott Paper Company. The toilet paper with perforated paper for easy cutting of leaves was introduced by Walter James Alkow in England in 1879. The toilet paper and the toilet flotter were a real revolution in the personal hygiene sector.

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