Tips: things you should never clean with kitchen towels

It can be one of the useful “tools” of everyday life, but the truth is that the kitchen roll does not do for every work. Rather than doing good, it can have opposite effects.

The kitchen roll is a rescue solution for many different household problems, such as being a cause and some of the same. Here’s what you must NOT clean with.

Χαρτί κουζίνας

1. Your glasses
The problem lies in the lenses and not, of course, in the arms. The lens lenses have on them a very sensitive coating that can be “wounded” by hard paper. So clean them with special cloths.

2. The dust from the wooden furniture
The dust is … rough and the paper too. So if you put these two together, the most likely thing is to scratch your furniture. If you want to use it then wet it best before use.

3. Computer screen, tablet, mobile or TV screen
Surely you’ve done her “cucumber” sometime. Better on these surfaces use special microfibre cloths or something fresh. Instead of good you may be hurt!

4. Paint on the carpet
It’s all you can do is more damage. Once wet, the paper will dissolve and then you will have to clean the carpet not only the liquid but also the pieces of paper you will find everywhere.

5. Your black blouse – or whatever black.
Of course, you imagine the tragic … A piece of paper on the dark fabric that will create a bigger problem than what they will be asked to solve.

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